P E K K A 

simple and present

P E K K A 

simple and present



When designing a place for yourself, a working place, a connection place for your work and colleagues, it is a challenge to ask yourself all the right questions. 



It is also hard to answer all the questions.

What is our work?

How do we work, what are our morning routines, do we like to talk, collaborate, have lively dialogues or just focus on our project. . . 

How much space do we need for our books, magazines, sketchbooks, pencils . . .  



ipek Kay

But, how can design answer all these questions?

During the spring of 2017, we discovered our passion for new geometric shapes through playing with the center of gravity and finding balance with simple shapes. After detailed planning, the furniture was designed to bring working space, books, art materials, everything together in harmony with a simple connection detail!

Our choice once again was to use a metal bar as the main material combined with the wood plate making it durable, functional.

In the end, we just loved our space!


Project Team

Ipek Kay, Burak Koltukoglu